Concrete Pavers Schaumburg IL

Concrete Pavers for Residential Landscaping Projects in Schaumburg, IL

Concrete pavers from Unilock are ideal for your home landscaping in Schaumburg, Illinois, not only because they provide outstanding strength and durability, but also because they are specially manufactured to resemble natural stones, bricks, and cobblestones. You will be sure to find paving stones among our collection to suit your taste, whether you prefer the look of granite, flagstone, bluestone, or any other style.

In addition to the Reala™ surface design process we use to create these natural stone textures, we use a number of other manufacturing technologies to make our Unilock Select™ paving stones unlike any others. These innovative technologies include:

• Ultima™ concrete technology – gives pavers up to four times the strength of poured concrete
• EasyClean™ stain resistance – protects the surface of our pavers, keeping spills from staining and allowing for easy cleanup
• Colorfusion™ technology – randomly disperses color particles to create an appearance like natural granite
• TitanTec™ surfacing – resists stains and damage from the toughest substances, such as oil, grease, and even strong acid
• And more

Using these groundbreaking manufacturing technologies, we create concrete pavers suitable for any landscaping project, whether it’s an outdoor grilling area that resists food and oil stains, a beautiful driveway that can withstand heavy traffic loads, or a slip-resistant pool deck that won’t be damaged by chlorine.

To receive a free estimate or more detailed information about the concrete pavers we offer homeowners in Schaumburg, IL, please contact Unilock today.