Patio Pavers Lincoln Park IL & Chicago Suburbs

Patio Pavers for Home Landscaping in Lincoln Park, IL & All Chicago Suburbs

If you need quality patio pavers for a landscaping project at your home in Lincoln Park or the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, then look no further than Unilock. We’re North America’s original manufacturer of concrete paving stones, which means you won’t find another company with our level of industry expertise. Our pavers are expertly crafted to replicate the look and feel of natural stones, bricks, and cobblestones, and our extensive selection of styles, colors, and sizes is sure to include the ideal options to suit your taste.

Using proprietary manufacturing technologies, Unilock creates patio pavers that outperform other materials like wood and stone. Our Unilock Select™ pavers boast exceptional:

• Strength – Unilock products can stand up to the harshest weather conditions, as well as chemicals like de-icing salt, chlorine, and automotive oil. Plus, pavers made with Ultima™ concrete technology boast up to four times the strength of regular poured concrete.
• Wear performance – Patio pavers featuring our TitanTec™ surface technology are virtually impenetrable by dirt, grease, oil, chewing gum, and more. And, those with EnduraColor™ Plus have even further enhanced color and wear performance, with surfaces that won’t crack, delaminate, or fade.
• Stain resistance – If spills occur, they’re easily wiped clean when the pavers are protected by EasyClean™ stain resistance.

One of the things homeowners in Lincoln Park and the Chicago suburbs love most about working with Unilock Select patio pavers is the fact that every paving stone style in the collection is compatible with each other. This means you can select more than just one paver style to use in your patio design, creating eye-catching accents, insets, and borders, and laying patterns that are truly unique.

To receive more information and a free estimate for installing patio pavers at your home in Lincoln Park, IL, or the suburbs of Chicago, please contact Unilock today.