Five Tactics to Compete on a Higher Level (Iselin, NJ)

Thursday January 30, 2014

Time: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

English Seminar

1    Building brand value - Bill Burke, Arizona Stone and Architectural Products, will show you why building brand value is a collective and continuous strategic tactic for you, your company, and your products.

2   Using Style + Technology to Stay Competitive – Employing Uvision 3D Software to multiply your closing rate. Latest trends, materials and innovations to keep you ahead of the pack.

3   Call Back Prevention – How permeable pavers can help resolve the water issue.

4   Get Ahead off the Curve – Outdoor Fireplaces. Educate you and you crew on the proper construction techniques for these popular outdoor attractions - Hands on demonstration.

5   Reduce your Exposure – Road Safety advice. Get the latest information
and resources from your local State Police Trooper on Road Safety and the law.

Spanish Seminar

Boost your employees training - Develop the potential of your crews while you learn how to grow your business. Our hands-on training seminar will run simultaneously and will be conducted completely in Spanish. They will learn:

       Advanced paver installation techniques - Permeable paver installationvs Traditional Paver installation. How to properly build each one.

       Vertical installation techniques – Construction of Seatwalls, Steps, Raised Patios, Pillars,and   other vertical features.

      Outdoor Living Installations - Fireplace and Firepit construction methods.

       Best Practices for installation of Polymeric Sand and Sealers.


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