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1. Installing Pavers on Concrete

“I have a poured concrete patio I would like to cover with pavers, can I do this and how?”

Tags: installation, pavers, concrete, jointing sand
2. Town Hall

Town Hall, new to our Unilock Select line is particularly unique to the industry.

Tags: town hall, street paver, permeable, installation, Unilock Select
3. EasyPro - The Ultimate Paving Stone Joint Compound!

EasyPro is the new ultimate paving stone joint compound! This pre-mixed epoxy resin product is ideal for residential driveways, patios, pool decks and walkways. It is also permeable.

Tags: easypro, jointing sand, joint compound, installation
4. Do's and Don'ts of Paver Installation: Installing the Pavers 3/3

As of now, your project area is beginning to take shape with a solid prepared base.  The next step is laying the pavers where you can finally begin to see your plan take action!  The following guidelines will help ensure your project is exactly what you have imagined.

Tags: pavers, installation, planning
5. Do's and Don'ts of Paver Installation: Base Preparation 2/3

It is now time to get your project started.  Preparing a proper base is crucial for any paving stone project; again, you can refer to Unilock’s technical guide as well as take into account the following pieces of advice to ensure the pavers are being placed on a substantial base:

Tags: pavers, installation, planning
6. Do's and Don'ts of Paver Installation: Pre-installation and Planning 1/3

People don’t realize the amount of work involved with the installation of our paving stones, I am not saying that to scare anyone off of their project but a little planning will go a long way. Unilock provides an excellent technical guide for the proper installation of pavers, so please refer to it for details. To avoid common mistakes, follow these steps:

Tags: pavers, installation, planning
7. Hire the Right Professional Landscape Contractor

Finding the right professional landscape contractor is not always an easy job. Does a friend or neighbor recommend their contractor? If people you trust were happy with their experience, then most likely you will be too.

Tags: contractor, landscaping, installation
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