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1. Landscape Associations and Their Purpose

Chances are that when you start the selection process for a landscape contractor you experience feelings of anxiety and panic.  Choosing the right contractor can be a very difficult task, but finding the right one can save you money by avoiding costly mistakes and big headaches. There are several resources available to find a good contractor and trade associations are one of those.

Tags: landscaping, landscape trade association, unions
2. Embrace Overlooked Living Space - Front Courtyards

When most people think of courtyards they are probably thinking of spaces at the side or at the back of a home. In actuality courtyards are most often created in the area between the front entry to your home and your driveway. What better way to create additional living space and curb appeal to your home than by creating a beautiful front courtyard. My wife and I love to sit outside in the front of our home in the evenings just to say hello and meet up with neighbors that we have not seen in a while. We also like to sit in our courtyard early on Sunday mornings, as we enjoy our coffee and the morning sun that we do not get in the backyard.

Tags: courtyards, front entrances, walkways, landscaping, hardscaping, pavers
3. Hire the Right Professional Landscape Contractor

Finding the right professional landscape contractor is not always an easy job. Does a friend or neighbor recommend their contractor? If people you trust were happy with their experience, then most likely you will be too.

Tags: contractor, landscaping, installation
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