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1. Unique Revitalization of Uptown Cleveland

A three phase project connects a variety of amenities and attractions in uptown Cleveland, bringing life to an urban space!

Tags: permeable, commercial projects, parking lot, series 3000, promenade plank paver, eco-optiloc
2. Why You Should Insist on EnduraColor and EnduraColor Plus!

Unilock has been manufacturing products with the EnduraColor and EnduraColor Plus features for twenty years! First introduced in 1992, both technologies are exclusive to Unilock. Here’s what you need to know about them

Tags: enduracolor, enduracolor plus, series 3000, il campo, unigranite
3. Famous Places Where You Can Find Unilock Product

Unilock® products have been the choice of many designers for commercial jobs across North America for several years. The unique color and style options allow designers to address the various priorities of the site while still creating a warm and inviting space for human use.

Tags: commercial projects, series 3000, umbriano, il campo, eco-priora, stonehenge, brussels block, pisa2, unigranite, copthorne
4. Sherbourne Common - One of the World's Best New Parks

Sherbourne Common, Waterfront Toronto is a stunning park that has transformed a former industrial area into a public green space on the lake. It was recently just named one of the World’s Best New Parks and was also honoured by Construction Canada for its use of hardscape.

Tags: series 3000, pavers, parks
  • Displaying: 1 - 4 of 4

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