Classic Pavers

Antara<sup>®</sup>  [mura]dspInclude('/display_objects/custom/testinc.cfm')[/mura]

Create an inviting atmosphere with the relaxed rustic appeal of this timeless paving stone.

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Avante Ashlar™
Avante Ashlar<sup>™</sup> [mura]dspInclude('/display_objects/custom/testinc.cfm')[/mura]

Avante Ashlar incorporates several random shapes with varying textures into one module.

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Brussels Block®
Brussels Block<sup>®</sup>  [mura]dspInclude('/display_objects/custom/testinc.cfm')[/mura]

The original tumbled paving stone that gives you that quarried look and rough-hewn texture.

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Brussels Fullnose™
Brussels Fullnose<sup>™</sup>  [mura]dspInclude('/display_objects/custom/testinc.cfm')[/mura]

A nice edge to any step, swimming pool, pillar or more.

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Camelot [mura]dspInclude('/display_objects/custom/testinc.cfm')[/mura]

Each paver in this multi-paver system is slightly rounder than your typical cobblestone-style paver.

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Cassova  [mura]dspInclude('/display_objects/custom/testinc.cfm')[/mura]

With its graceful simplicity and weathered, dimpled surface, Cassova works beautifully in various patterns.

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Cobblestone [mura]dspInclude('/display_objects/custom/testinc.cfm')[/mura]
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Europaver<sup>®</sup> [mura]dspInclude('/display_objects/custom/testinc.cfm')[/mura]

A large-format paver available in a sophisticated array of colors, making it ideal for residential and commercial applications.

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Hollandstone [mura]dspInclude('/display_objects/custom/testinc.cfm')[/mura]

A versatile paver with a wide range of color options

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