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 A border or accent adds exceptional detail to your paver patio, driveway, pool deck or walkway. Combine different colors and textures for a truly unique design that also reflects your personal taste. Create your perfect combination by clicking the button below, or see the design ideas featured on the right.


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Jointing Compound - Small detail, Big difference

 Implement one of the latest trends with colored joint sand and turn your outdoor project into a true work of art! This small detail can dramatically change the look of your paver surface. Test the options below to the right and watch the image on the left change, to see the joints in a larger view click the image. 


Black Sand
Tan Sand
Grey Sand

Learn About Yorkstone

Yorkstone Torture Test


Reala Surface Technology iconReala Surface Technology

Ultra-realistic textures cast from actual natural stone, brick and cobblestones.


Pedestrian iconPedestrian

Surface Texture


 Yorkstone’s Reala surface could be described as time-worn limestone. A close examination of the surface reveals a subtle fossilized texture giving Yorkstone an appearance unlike any other large format slab product. Produced in a light natural color, Yorkstone is cool to walk on and ideal for walks, patios and pool decks.


Base Requirement & Bedding Course standard paver base specification or on open graded material for raised patios, terraces or concrete overlays. Do not use for vehicular applications.





Handling and InstallationThis product cannot be compacted with a plate tamper.  Use a hand mallet to make minor height adjustments. Care must be taken to avoid tossing stones so that they bang against each other. Damage to the surface appearance can happen if handled too rough. Both random and linear patterns are common. Install from multiple pallets for best color distribution.  Install with ¼ spacing between units.





Jointing Material and Joint Stabilization


·     Good: ordinary dry joint sand stabilized by a water-based or solvent based joint sand stabilizer (joint sand stabilizer sealer may make the surface slightly slippery).

·     Better: Unicare Polymeric Sand, Techniseal RG+, Alliance Gator XP

·     Best:   EasyPro is best especially for open-graded base applications.  Ensure  that  an  approximate  ¼

joint is maintained during installation so that adequate jointing material can fill the voids.


Special Note: Alliance Gator Max Polymeric Sand (overlays). Make sure all proper Polymeric sand installation procedures are followed. See video at www.unilock.com.







·     Product must be cleaned with Techniseal Hardscape Cleaner or similar before sealing

·     Product may be sealed but it is not absolutely required

·     Unilock Unicare, Surebond, BP Pro and Techniseal sealers can be used. Select sealer on the basis of desired appearance.


Cleaners Any cleaner can be used but Techniseal Hardscape Cleaner is commonly used.


Special note -  When overlaying on concrete surfaces, be mindful that minor variances in paver thickness (+/- 2mm) may exist.  Therefore, if possible, a bedding course is recommended. 

Special note - To avoid issues with height variance, do not use as a direct overlay on concrete.

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Colors, product data, and availability are subject to change without notice. Please confirm all details with your local Unilock Dealer or call 1-800-UNILOCK (1-800-864-5625) for availability in your area. The colors shown should only be used as a guide. Final color selections should always be made from actual samples.