Walls & Verticals

Brussels Dimensional System™
Brussels Dimensional System

Versatile multi-unit wall system with tapered units for curved and linear walls.

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Concord Wall®
Concord Wall<sup>®</sup>

The built-in setback design of Concord Wall automatically forms the correct slope


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The large size of Dura-Hold makes it an excellent choice for demanding structures up to 25ft.

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DuraHold 2 is similar to DuraHold in appearance, but is just over half the size, making it economical for low

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Estate Wall®
Estate Wall<sup>®</sup>

Unique antique-textured finish of this wall recreates the appearance of natural rock.

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Ledgestone<sup>®</sup> [mura]dspInclude('/display_objects/custom/testinc.cfm')[/mura]

A universal coping system with pitched edges and three color options to work interchangeably with any wall.

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Rivercrest™ Wall
Rivercrest<sup>™</sup>Wall [mura]dspInclude('/display_objects/custom/testinc.cfm')[/mura]

With Rivercrest™ Wall, you get the character and flexibility of natural stone. with the durability and affordability of concrete.

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